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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Little Corn Cake

Norah successfully received a batch of her stem cells today! The idea of having stem cells infused seems so big and grand. So for the infusion to take about 10 minutes, it just doesn't seem right. Yet for a ten minute infusion, there are hours of waiting before the infusion for the cells to be defrosted. Then, after the infusion, another few hours of observation and IV fluids. It all adds up to a long, but exciting day filled with possibilities for Norah's future.

Norah was enjoying all the extra attention up until the tourniquet was placed on her arm, and she was held down to place an IV. From that moment on, she was hysterical until the infusion was complete despite Trey, the music therapist trying his best to keep her calm and relaxed.

When she was all done she was spoiled with some great Mommy and Daddy cuddles.

I don't know who was more exhausted Norah or her parents. 

Norah shows off her wounds from the day.

Now Norah is chilling in her crib, smelling up the hotel room. The stem cells have a preservative added to them called DMSO. When the cells are thawed and rinsed, not all of this is able to be removed. So once the cells are infused into Norah, the DMSO is excreted through her skin. Since the DMSO is corn based, it has that scent to it. We are affectionately calling Norah our little corn cake. We are so thankful that we are able to give Norah this opportunity ad pray the stem cells find their was to her brain over the next 3 to 6 months (that's the amount of time it take to get there, talk about a scenic route).

Exciting news, Norah has enough stem cells left for a 3rd infusion if we decide that she needs it. Even if she doesn't receive another infusion right away, it's nice to know she'll have those cells still available.

Thanks to Dr. Kurtzberg and all the staff at Duke, you have been so wonderful and helpful.


Anonymous said...

Your blog always brings tears and/or smiles, Jen. I am so proud of you and Jason, and I thank God Norah has you two for parents. Love you, Mom

Tiffany said...

Hi Jen. I just saw that you were following our blog and checked out yours. Shelby and Norah are so close in age! Norah is adorable...I'm glad she is doing so well. We're working on fattening Shelby up too. Please feel free to contact me any time....we could probably trade ideas. My email address is tiffany dot kinnaird@yahoo.com (without the spaces and the dot spelled out to prevent spam). -Tiffany