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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goal: Gain Weight

This is Norah's goal. I wish this was my goal, I sure I could achieve it without difficulty.

We went for Norah's 9 month checkup on Monday. Dr. Andy says Norah is making excellent progress. Our concern is Norah's weight has dropped below the 3rd percentile. She's currently 15 lbs 4 oz.

What to do, what to do????

I am still breastfeeding Norah, and still prefers nursing over bottle feeding. In the past when there was concerns about her weight we tried adding high calorie formula to a bottle of breastmilk once a day. That just lead to a cranky, gassy baby spitting up all over Mommy and Daddy. I have always ended up back letting her nurse on demand for a long as she wants. I spend alot of my day sitting in a chair, nursing Norah and feeling like I am neglecting Grant. Grant often comes and cuddles with Norah and I while she's nursing. It's fun bonding time.

Now that she's eating baby food, previous to the appointment Monday, Norah was eating baby food twice a day with rice cereal mixed in. Now we've stepped it up. Norah is eating cereal twice a day with purreed baby food, and veggies with rice or pasta mixed in, once. We are also giving her finger foods to start eating. Sunday, Norah ate her first pancake, she loved it. I think she prefers finger foods more that the mashed up goodies she usually eats.

Norah's little personality really shines when it comes to eating. If she doesn't like, it's not going in her mouth. I often try tricking her into eating vegetables which she dislikes the most. One bite of something she likes will get her to open her mouth for the next bite where I sneek in a bite of veggies. Norah usually goes for this long enough to get an once of food in.

I received some great ideas from one of the girls on the babycenter message boards that I think we are going to try......I hope it works.

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