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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Norah Uses the Potty

This last week Norah started telling us she wanted to go potty. We pulled out the toilet we had used with Grant and cleaned it up for Norah. We set in next to the fridge so it could be out in the open reminding her to use it.

I have to admit I though it would be a novelty, she would play with it and no potty action would be taking place for awhile. Norah like to prove me wrong. The next morning while I was making waffles for breakfast, she sat down on the chair with her pajamas on and saying "poop" and I was saying yup that's where you need to poop, not understanding she wanted to poop. A minute later, my yummy waffle smell was interrupted and Norah gave me a dirty look that screamed Yes Mom I wanted to poop on the potty.  Whoops! A missed opportunity. A couple hours later, back next to the toilet was Norah asking to go potty. Success immediately, is it really going to be this easy with Norah??? That day with filled with five successful trip to on the potty, with only a wet diaper after her nap.

Norah has continued using the potty, we have a few trips a day with a wet diaper after naps and occasionally during the day. I know that it will be awhile before we are fully trained, we have a few things to hurdle. Potty training with a new baby isn't ideal, we have had a couple moments when I was in the middle of nursing Mason and Norah wanted to use the potty. I also haven't been able to find any underwear small enough to fit Norah so she continues to wear a diaper. At 23 months, Norah weighs in at 19 pounds, wearing size 12 month clothing. Norah is not able to stand independently or pull up her pants, so she needs someone with her every time she wants to go to the bathroom. All things we are working out, but will hinder our progress.

I am so proud of Norah's desire to want to be a big girl and use her potty chair, I hope she doesn't give up or get discouraged.

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