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Friday, June 17, 2011

Eeny, meenie, miny, moe

Norah continues to be having moments when she is not herself. We are seeing more episodes where she only wants to snuggle with us, rubbing her head, being sleepy and little appetite. We will be watching her crawl across the room and she'll just stop and lay flat on the floor and rub her head. Humph. Something's wrong.

Norah sound asleep on the couch this morning while waiting for neurosurgery to call us back

This morning Norah woke up and was able to drink most of her morning pediasure and a few strawberries. She slowly became more quiet, she was rubbing her head and eyes, then actually said her head hurt. She wanted to snuggle. We snuggled, and then I placed her on the couch next to me so I could nurse Mason. She fell asleep within minutes. She was still sleeping when Jason arrived back home from running errands. We talk about what was going on and we decided it would be best to call the neurosurgery office. We could at least talk to them on the phone about all the changes we have been seeing in Norah the last month or so since our last visit.

After speaking with the PA, we agreed that we could wait until Monday to be seen in the clinic, but if Norah had any episodes of vomiting over the weekend we would go to the ER right away. While when they clinic scheduler called back she said that we could get in right away since radiology had an opening right now for a quick MRI (a quick MRI, is more like a CT scan but without the radiation. The pictures aren't as great as a full MRI, but Norah doesn't need to be sedated for it). She remember that we live just a few miles away from the hospital. This phone call came just as we finished lunch and layed both Norah and Grant for a nap, and I was nursing Mason, again. I looked Jason and he quickly retrieved Norah from her crib and gathered her blanket, baby doll and book, as well as some diapers and they were off. I still taking pain medication trying to recuperate from my csection 2 weeks ago. This was my third csection and it is taking longer to recover, so for now still no driving. Life with three kids, we are doing more divide and conquer versus all of us going together to get things done.

Norah's MRI shows her head and ventricles continue to look stable. Norah shows signs of a siphoning problem with her shunt, over drainage and slit ventricle syndrome, or a combination of those. At this point, none of her symptoms are strong enough to suggest one over the other. There is also not enough information to do any revisions and adjustments to her shunt at this point. So the plan is to continue to watch Norah keep track of what's happening. We are also to call the neurosurgeon the next time Norah vomits with these symptoms and take her to the ER right away. I can't say I'm looking forward to an ER visit, but it's best for Norah then we'll go.

For now we'll pray that Norah's symptoms will go away and her shunt will stay happy. I feel so helpless when she's like this, and it's hard to watch and not be able to do anything to fix it. All I can do is give her the snuggles she asks for, and I will gladly do that.

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