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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 4 ~ Zoo

With all the things to choose to do I hesitated on the idea of heading to the zoo in St. Louis. We have a membership to the zoo in Milwaukee, so we often go to the zoo. But I also know Grant and Norah love the zoo, and Mason is happy to tag along anywhere, and with our zoo membership in Milwaukee there were perks to be had at the St. Louis zoo. So the zoo it was.

I did get a little lost on the was to the zoo, and I may have run a red light in my disorientation, but we made to the zoo safely. And as for the red light, we'll see if I get a ticket in the mail to prove it.

Once we arrived at the zoo, I found out the free admission is realative to if you can find somewhere nearby to park. But I happily paid to park near the zoo rather that walk a mile to park for free.

Our first stop inside the zoo was the children's area. A special area set aside with animals that you could pet, playground, and a building with activities for my little ones. I sure they would have been happy to spend most of our day in this area, but there was a big zoo to explore, so I made them move on.

We then found an elephant foutain. Grant was fasinated with the money in the water, so I dug out some coins. Then, all of us threw in our coin while making a wish.

We wondered through the zoo, until Grant had had enought, he loves trains and did not want to wait any longer to have to ride the ChooChoo. I was nervous, I had Mason fast asleep and I was worried moving him from the stroller to the train would wake him. Also we couldn't all sit together in one seat which meant I had to trust Norah and Grant to sit together in front of me. They did great, and the train ride was excellent.

Once we were done riding, we were off to find the elephants, along the way we found the hippos (best hippo habitat I've ever seen) and some other animals. Norah couldn't decide whether to walk to ride, so back and forth about ten times between her walker and the stroller I was nearing the end of my patients. So I bribed her with some juice and goldfish and she found that she was content to stay in the stroller for awhile. We were able to finally find those elephants, we even saw a baby elephant.

We moved onto the penguins. Grant declared the building was too cold and wanted outside. Hmm, does he know winter is on its' way and it will soon be that cold every day.

Norah and Mason decide it was time to nap again. Mason has been of like a bird in a cage all week. Sitting in the stroller I throw a blanket over him and he sleeps peacefully. As soon as the blanket is removed, he begins to squak.

Grant and I used naptime to finish explore the zoo and have some fun time for just the two of us.

We headed back to the hotel and Grant and Norah played some Angry Birds until Jason was done with work.


Diane said...

I am still in awe of you. Taking 3 kids to the zoo by yourself is amazing! The penguins and the hippos (if they are swimming laps) are definitely the best exhibits at the STL zoo.

Diane said...

Safe travels back to Milwaukee.