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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hydro Families Meet Up

What do you do when you get a life changing diagnosis for your unborn child? You scour the internet for any information that will help you grasp what the doctors are telling you. Through their grim diagnosis and poor outcomes, you try and find hope. That is where this all began. Finding other families having gone through a smiliar experience shared through their blogs and message boards on the Internet was what helped to give up hope for Norah and her future throughout our pregnancy. They helped to reassure us in our belief that she was a gift from God and her life was worth fighting for. We knew that we could help Norah experience life and love no matter what.

Fast forward to now, years later after reaching out to each other over the Internet, praying for each other in times of need and feeling like you 'know' these families and their story but having never met in person. A place was set for a meet up to take place - Nashville, TN, time to get meet face to face. What a strange feeling it is when you go up to someone to say 'Hi' in real life. We have had the priledge of meeting a few of these families previous only adding to our excitement to meet even more families. I can't tell you how wonderful this experience was for us and the life long friends we have made.

Closing in on Nashville, TN, getting really excited.

Charlie Daniels Park is where our main event occured and where I took the most of my pictures from the weekend. It was a hot, hot day, but waterballoon fights and some small pools helped to keep everyone cool.




That was fun, I wish I had more pictures to share from the weekend, even a few of these were borrowed. I find chasing after three little kids sometimes the camera gets left behind. Thank goodness there were so many others there capturing the fun that was had. We all tried to stay at the same hotel so once we left the park, we headed back to the hotel. Swimming, movie watching, talking, eating, we all came together for these activites to continue our get together as much as possible, before our short weekend was up. We have wonderful memories and life long friends after this trip.


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Ashe's said...

That looks like it was great time! Bummed we missed it though. :(