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Hi I’m Jen- I'm one lucky lady to be married to the most wonderful man, Jason. I am a mother to three beautiful children, Grant, Norah, who was born with hydrocephalus, and Mason. I love spending my time with my family. I also like to challenge myself with new things. I'm on a constant quest to become more organized, it may never happen but it's a dream. I currently work part-time as a RN in an emergency department. I love this journey of life that I am on with God by my side, knowing that all things are possible when you Believe.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dinosaur World

The Zehrung's were off on a road trip and along the way we stopped at Dinosaur World. It was located in Cave City, KY - half way between Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN. Our original plan was to stop at Mammoth Cave National Park but the more we thought about it, our kids are still to little to be climbing 100 stairs into a cave and Norah is still a little wobbly on her feet. We will have to save that for a future trip for now we stopped at Dinosaur World. We thought Grant would be the one who would enjoy seeing all the dinosaurs but at times I think Norah was more interested than Grant.

The park had a nice paved path through the park. It had some hills, but it provided a great space for Norah to work on balance and walking up and down hills.

Eventually Norah succomed to the heat and found a spot next to Mason.

And the on Daddy's shoulders.

Grant was happy to be out of the car, but just wanted to run around and be free. Being told to slow down or smile for a picture were not in his plans.


Grant and Norah had the oppertunity to dig for fossils. They loved getting to sift through the sand. The were allowed to pick out three of their treasures to keep.

Then we decide to let our kids get eaten by a dinosaur, they thought it was fun.

Not a bad stop on our roadtrip . . . now off to Nashville!!!


mimi said...

Love the words and pics of the family on vacation. Waiting for more. :-)

Kristen said...

I have to say, Dinosaur World looks like a lot of fun! Someday if Kobe is into Dino's we'll have to make a trip there.

Diane said...

That looks like fun and I love the picture of Grant on Jason's shoulders with his hands in the air. Too cute!

Josephine Andersen said...

I had to laugh when you said that about Grant wanting to run around and be free! It's no wonder he and Brogan got along so well - they seem to be so similar!! :)
That looks like a fun place!