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Monday, February 6, 2012

Time for the next surgery...

Norah went to see the eye doctor today...leading us to plan for Norah's 5th surgery.

The pressure caused in Norah's brain had lead to damage on some of her cranial nerves leaving her with strabismus. Exotropia is the specific type that Norah has, meaning her eye turns outward. We don't see it all the time, but it is most noticeable when Norah is tired. I see it often on days when her balance is off. In the last six months we haven't seen any improvement.

The goal for the surgery is to correct the misalignment of Norah's eyes before she loses any more vision in her right eye. This will be done by tightening the muscles of her right eye. Norah's doctor said he would usually wait until a child is closer to 4 years old but feels that if we wait too much longer her vision will get much worse. While Norah has strabismus seen in both eyes, the right is worse and so that is the eye we are going to correct. The thought is that the way her left eye deviates is actually helping to protect her right eye, and once the right eye is corrected it will correct itself.  I pray that is the case and that her beautiful blue eyes are protected from any further harm.

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Kristen said...

Hooray for good doctors that know just when is the right time to be aggressive with a treatment! I hope it all works according to the plans!