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Hi I’m Jen- I'm one lucky lady to be married to the most wonderful man, Jason. I am a mother to three beautiful children, Grant, Norah, who was born with hydrocephalus, and Mason. I love spending my time with my family. I also like to challenge myself with new things. I'm on a constant quest to become more organized, it may never happen but it's a dream. I currently work part-time as a RN in an emergency department. I love this journey of life that I am on with God by my side, knowing that all things are possible when you Believe.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All this, in one day!?!?

Today was only big, long, happy, emotional, crazy, busy, amazing, wonderful day in the life of this mom. Yup, just your typical day around our house :)

After a night of getting up with Mason at 2am, then putting him back to bed a half hour later which woke up Grant. I was back in bed by 2:45am. At 4:34am to be exact, came "all done sleeping Mommy" over the monitor from Norah's room. Oh no your not - that's what came from me. I went down tucked her back in and said we would snuggle once the sun woke up. That bought me 2 more hours of sleep.

I had to sneek a shower in. I had Grant and Norah on the couch watching Bob the Builder, one of their favorites. Mason still snoozing, so off to the shower I ran. Let's just say my shower turned into a party, with 2 kids joining in the fun. Mason decided to start crying, I guess he wanted a shower too. Sadly for him, he had to cry it out until we were done.

I retrieved Mason from his crib and put him in the middle of toyland on our living room rug. Then I  watched in amazement at Mason crawling. Crawling just shy of turning 9 months. Not as early as Grant crawled, but certainly well before Norah. After working with Norah for so long to teach her task of crawl, building the strength and coordination to do such a task, it sat in awe of Mason. I have watched intently the last few days, watching him learn. He has gone from pushing backwards, to pulling himself forwards only to have his legs lag behind to figuring it all out and moving foward. Truely amazing.

Mason getting into the crawling position, about to take off.

The day continued on. It's Tuesday, every other Tuesday Norah's speech therapist comes over to work on eating with her. That means no more procrastination in picking up the mess left from the weekend. This weekend, Jason and I cleaned out and organized the basement, well we started on it at least. We found a box of papers to be shredded and Grant has taken on the task of shredding to be his own. Grant, my first baby is turning 4 this week. I can't believe four years have passed by so quickly. In the last couple months his independence has amazed me. He's growing up. This morning he put his mind to the task of shredding and worked until the job was finished, stopping at times to make sure that a certain piece of paper was ok to shred. He even told me he needed a break with a snack. So up onto a chair he climbed and poured himself a glass of juice and found some pretzels and red peppers to eat. Where did he learn all of this, oh my. 

Norah. Norah, Norah, Norah. This little girl, I am so honored to be her mother. The sparkle in her eye, the joy that embraces you when you are with her, the giggle that brings you to the happiest of places and the hugs and kisses that let you know her love. Just of couple of months ago Norah was just taking steps on her own, today Norah spent her day spinning in circles and trying to jump as we cleaned up. She used big words, and pretended to Skype with all her friends. She is embracing what it is to be 2 years old, which meant pulling out every toy I had just put away, saying NO when I asked her to help, flipping over onto her belly when I tried to change her diaper, refusing her food.... Well at times this gives me a headache, I am happy to endure because that means she is proving doctors wrong, she is becoming a "typical" child.

Norah spinning.

Lunch was quick, I had to get Norah a quick nap in before therapy otherwise not too much would be accomplished. Grant came and snuggled with me on the couch for a bit. Which I totally take full advantage of, again he'll be FOUR this week, snuggles are already fleeting. I'll take full advantage of them while I have them. That and he's a daddy's boy, so when Dad is at work, snuggles are mine.

Therapy came and went, and Norah tackled her meal like a champ. I am so thankful for the new SLP that is working with Norah. She can get Norah to eat anything, and Norah works hard for her. Today's meal includes meatballs, oranges, cheese and Starburst chased down with some Pediasure.

Jason was home right on time today. I love it when he is home right on schedule, I was excited to share all of the exciting things we had done today. Mason crawled right over to Jason...yeah you could tell Daddy was proud of his "Little Dude" (that's what Norah calls Mason - it's pretty cute when she says it).

Jason, with the kids just inside the door where they all greeted him when he came home.

Mason continued moving to toddlerhood at an alarming rate today, since mastering crawling was not enough. Today we packed his infant carrier away and into a convertable car seat he sits. Since we had a gift certificate to Red Robin that expired today we headed out for dinner which left Mason sitting in the high chair at the resturant for the first time as well.

Mason sitting at the table tonight in a high chair- first time out of the infant carrier at a resturant.

Mason and Norah rear facing each in their own MyRide.Norah still rear facing, she's starting to look more cramped, but I feel like she should weigh more than 22 lbs and more like 30 lbs before we turn her around.

I am feeling blessed at the end of this day and so thankful for every joy filled moment that I was able to share in with my wonderful family.

Matthew 18:10   "See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

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