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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

32 Weeks

32 weeks 5 days to be exact, not that I"m keeping track or anything.

I am nearing the end of this pregnancy. It has been by far my best pregnancy, maybe that's way it feels like it has flown by or maybe because it I too busy chasing after Grant and Norah to think about being pregnant. I have had very little morning sickness. Other than my dental abscess adventure a couple weeks ago, I have not been sick or had any complications. I am blessed to be growing a healthy baby boy.

Yesterday I went for a checkup with my OB. It was timed prefect. I had been feeling lousy since Sunday after finishing my weekend marathon of work. I usually bounce back from the long weekend of working 12 hour shifts by Monday afternoon, but not this time. I spent all of Monday and most of Tuesday resting with my feet up and experiencing lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions. I was very thankful that Jason was working from home most of those days just in case I needed so help. By Tuesday I felt like I had done 1000 sit ups and continued to just not feel right. I am one that will sit back and just see what happens versus calling to check in. I had one of my contractions right as the nurse came in the room. The doctor checked me, my cervix is starting to change, no surprise, I am nearing the end. Then just to make sure our little man was happy in his home I had a non-stress test. Well, my usually super active baby decided this was the best time to finally take a nap. It took awhile to get him moving enough to make the test reactive, but in the end everything checked out.

This morning I had an ultrasound to check out the baby's growth by the perinatalogist I have been seeing with this pregnancy. The baby is measuring a week ahead, which is fine. I know he'll be here at least a week early if not a couple. I also will be having a csection again so I don't have to worry about him being to big to push out. I have to say I was disappointed that this baby did not want to show his face for the ultrasound. His current position, which he most likely stay, in head down and tucked in looking to the back. He also has his legs crossed and tucked in so we couldn't check just one last time to make sure we are still having a boy. Everything else looks great, so much so I am no longer being followed by the perinatalogist. I will just be checking in with my OB. I was nice to leave not having to schedule another appointment.

The plan for now is to try and keep working, minimizing the amount of heavily lifting and pushing I do. Also making sure I stay hydrated while at work. I am trying to not to carry Grant and Norah, but when it's sleeting and I'm on my way into Target, and Grant falls and Norah can't walk I find myself carrying and extra fifty pounds. I will try not to overdo it, and ask for help...sometimes most of the time I find that hard.  

Just one month left to....
  • enjoy little baby kicks, hiccups and punches
  • find a comfortable position to sleep in. Oh the tossing and turning and moving the half a dozen pillows I have to find just the spot.
  • dig out baby clothes that I saved after Grant had outgrown them
  • pull out the cradle and put it together
  • finish the blanket I have been crocheting
....oh my, this list could get long quick, maybe I'll stop and go work on some of it and the hundreds of other things that could be added, like getting the house on the market to sell....

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Amy Cox Vincelli said...

It's getting close for baby time! So excited for you! Prayers to you.