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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Norah Update

Norah went to her develpmental checkup a couple of weeks ago (has it really been that long already, haven't been on top of blooging lately). Norah saw the neonatologist that has followup her since she was in the NICU, as well as a physical, occupational, and speech therapist.

Norah doing amazingly well in her cogniton placing her a 13 months, which is her adjusted age.Yea Norah!! She is delayed with her gross and fine motor skills, placed at 9 and 10 months. Her speech was placed at 11 to 12 months, she definately knows how to make noise with those vocal cords. As for words, she can say "momma" and "dadda" that's about it, but those are our favorite words.

Concerns and comments we were left with after her appointment
1.) Norah's still a lightweight, so we are now giving her Pedisure every night before bed.
2.) Norah's lumpy head, actually I think it has gotten worse since the appointment. Call into neurosurgery, not the best at calling back.
3.) Getting Norah to learn where she is in space and start building her muscles, swimming once a week was reccommended, we'll see if we can work something out.

After being Norah's mommy for 14 months now, this is what I know. Norah is Norah, her personality shines. She takes her time in all that she does. She needs time to warm up to someone or something new. We love Norah so much and will always be here to cheer her on, trying not to push too hard, and will always accept her with all of our heart.

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Tiffany said...

Shelby won't drink pediasure, so we add formula to her milk which gives it the same calorie content as the pediasure.

Swimming sounds like a good idea....I might try it with Shelby.

It sounds like Norah is doing great!