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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Norah's Eye Surgery

OK I have finally found a few quiet moments to post about Norah's eye surgery this week.

Tuesday we were off to have Norah's eye surgery. She had a recession of her right lateral eye muscle. Norah's eyes do not work together. The hope is that if we correct the eye that wanders the most, her eyes will begin working together. Hopefully this will also help her balance and gross motor skills, as well as her depth perception.

We left Grant and Mason at home to have some fun with Granny who came from Minnesota to help out. Norah's surgery was at the outpatient surgery center. I was a nice break from being at the hospital where all of Norah's other surgeries have been. It was busy place, with many families coming and going. We checked in at 7:30 am, and I was mildly jealous of the family that we sat down near, who 10 minutes later was called to the recovery room because there little one was already done. DONE, before 8am. Soon to go home and recovery there for the rest of the day. Lucky them, and they left me with hope to be home by lunchtime.

In the waiting room we played and waited for about an hour - making new friends.


Once in our preop area, Norah changed her outfit...

her socks were just a 'bit' too big.

Vital signs were completed along with answering lots of questions. Then is was time to wait some more so Norah continued to be her silly self.

Norah loves to give 'mustache kisses' and would like to give you one as well. :)

Then she was given her goofy juice which has always left Jason and I with a funny memory. Today's included Norah's need to hold her tongue while continuing to have a conversation.

Then Dr. Ruttum put marked the right eye for surgery. Norah and I were given a couple more minutes of snuggle time.

She was off to surgery and we were off to the waiting room. The waiting room had changed from a busy area, to one with just a few families waiting for there little ones to be done with their procedures as well. An hour later Norah was back were she belonged in my arms. I was not prepared to walk into recovery to hear Norah screaming and crying. I thought she would still be pretty sleepy so to find her this way turned my emotions back up. Quickly she settled in my arms a safe place.

Her voices was very hoarse and scratchy. The anaesthesiologist stopped back to say Norah was a bit of trouble in the OR. She started to throw up as the procedure began so they ended up intubating her for the procedure. So once she was a bit more alert she had a popsicle as she finished getting her IV fluids.

Once her fluids were done and she had proven most likely she wouldn't be throwing up again. We were given our walking papers and home we went.

Once at home a present arrived for Norah from Granny. Meet Sam and Molly the newest addition to our house.

Norah only wanted juice from a juice box and on days like this she pretty much gets what she wants. This includes her pacifier which is reserved just for bed time.

Then lots of laying down, sometimes just in the middle of the floor.

Here is the icky closeup of her eye, and a buise on her forhead which no one could tell us where it came from while they had her in surgery.

The one thing that I didn't know or think alot about before surgery was after surgery care. Norah was given arm splints to wear anytime we are not there to make sure she isn't rubbing her eyes for the next week. She's not a big fan, but she tolerates these more than putting the antibiotic ointment in her eye twice a day.

Overall, four days later Norah is doing great. We had one day of  eye pain, followed by a day of poop/tummy issues, then a day of being over tired and now I think things are getting back to normal, I hope.


Diane said...

Glad things are getting back to normal. I hate how red their eyes look afterwards. It looks painful.

Kristen said...

Ugh, that red eye! I could never get passed the way it looked, made me cringe every time! Glad she's doing well. We were never given those arm splints. Seems like a "good" idea (I won't ask Norah for her opinion on that *wink*).

Good luck on selling your house! I really hope it sells quick for you ones! We can swap our crazy stories on what it is like preparing and getting out of the house for a showing while wrangling kids the entire time. :)

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