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Hi I’m Jen- I'm one lucky lady to be married to the most wonderful man, Jason. I am a mother to three beautiful children, Grant, Norah, who was born with hydrocephalus, and Mason. I love spending my time with my family. I also like to challenge myself with new things. I'm on a constant quest to become more organized, it may never happen but it's a dream. I currently work part-time as a RN in an emergency department. I love this journey of life that I am on with God by my side, knowing that all things are possible when you Believe.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Grant!

Happy Birthday to my little boy, Grant William! I can't believe that three years have past since those 28 hours of labor that ended in an emergency c-section. I am amazed at the little boy he has become this last year, especially this last few months.

Grant - 1 day old
A year ago Grant said less than 10 words, making us nervous about his delayed speech. Now, I come home from a day at work and he tells me everything he did that day. He is quick to figure out how things work and if he gets the chance he'll take it apart. He can work the mouse on the computer and get into Netflix to start his favorite movie. Currently that's Bob the Builder and the Search for the Golden Hammer. A visit to Target is never complete without visiting the vacuum cleaners. Grant inspects them, asking to play with his favorite, usually the purple Dyson. He still is quick to pick out the color purple whenever he sees it.

He loves his daddy, always looking for him first thing in the morning, sneaking in some snuggle before daddy has to go to work. He's a helper, working on the house with his daddy and cooking in the kitchen with mommy.

Baking chocolate cookies

He loves to eat fruit, any fruit. We usually hide keep Grant's fruit as incentive to eat whatever else he is being served. Lately he asks if we can eat at the "chicken restaurant" a lot, usually daily.  It took a few days to figure out what restaurant Grant was requesting, but we figured it out - Arby's. I know they are know for their fine chicken ;). The  best part is, Grant loves getting a roast beef sandwich at his great "chicken restaurant."

Grant helping install the new back door

In the last couple of weeks, Grant has learned his ABC's. I love listening to him sing his ABC's while he's playing and encourages his little sister to sing with him. He can also count to fourteen now. If I has him to do something before I count to three, Grant just takes off counting while he's off to do what I asked. He knows he's going to have a baby brother soon and gives my tummy a kiss for the baby, so sweet. Last night as we cuddled before bed, we talked about his birthday. Then I told him about birthday spankings, he looked at me and asked for timeouts instead of spankings. It was a priceless moment we shared.

Happy Birthday Mr. Grant!

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